Pam incorporates her proven understanding of good design and her careful use of resources into each project. She uses her notable background in health sciences and sustainability to review important technologies and research data that impact the quality and comfort of your home as well as your family's fiscal, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Chances are you have probably seen Pam exploring the neighborhood with her two gigantic furballs, River the Golden Retriever and Kai the Golden Doodle, in tow. 

Julio lives where the rubber meets the road – the implementer, the master carpenter, the fixer. Julio has been working with Fasse Bldgs. for over 16 years and brings his enthusiasm, superior work ethic, and brilliance to work each and every day. Formally educated in Architectural studies, Julio found his calling when he moved from drafting to drilling and hammering, and then to training and supervising. Growing up in a large family, Julio “gets” the ideas of function and connectedness, of conservation and integration. There is nothing more important than the people - for him, for us, for you. We are lucky to have eight of his extended family members on our team, also!  Julio lives with his wife and four children in Wilmington, plays a mean Mexican Polka on several instruments with his band, and is a grill chef of some renown (at least to us!).

Fasse bldgs. has been pushing the envelope on environmental sustainability while creating value and efficiency for homeowners for over two decades. The name "Fasse bldgs." represents our passion for being positive stewards of the land, passing along legacies of environmental responsibility, and moving beyond old boundaries to healthier, more productive lifestyles. Ours is a holistic approach that celebrates simplification, engagement, technology, and luxury without excess. It's about using the highest quality materials, the most innovative evolutionary design techniques, and cutting-edge integrated technology to achieve livability, durability, sustainability, and family connectedness packaged within our highly functional, modern aesthetic.

Julio Riano

Construction Supervisor 

Courtenay Traina

Director of Marketing

Fasse Bldgs. President Pam Fasse has been a Licensed General Contractor for almost 25 years. She has a Master's degree in Environmental Management from CU Denver, is LEED AP, IECC, & ICC Certified, operates as a HERS Rater and Energy Star Partner, and was recently appointed to the IECC Residential International Energy Code Committee for 2024. Prior to getting her GC license, Pam spent over ten years performing functional movement analysis, designing operational spaces, and managing major construction projects for clients in Chicago, Boston, and Detroit. She specializes in creating and optimizing efficiencies, functionality, and spatial planning while incorporating her natural sense of style. 

Her hard work and ability to turn each client’s needs into a custom masterpiece of form and function has has earned her countless awards and national recognition, including Cape Fear Homebuilders Parade of Homes Award, Sustainability Awards for her Tonbo Meadows and Midori developments, Vice Chairman Appointee of the NC Building Performance Association, Wilma's Notable Woman in Business Award, and Lumina Publisher's Women to Watch Award. 


Pamela Fasse 
President, General Contractor
MS, LEED AP, IECC, & ICC Certified

Courtenay started her marketing career in 2013 after noticing a the lack of affordable marketing services for small local businesses in her hometown of Wilmington, NC. She quickly developed a passion for strategic marketing and design and eventually went on to graduate with a B.B.A. in Marketing from Texas State. While in school, she continued to provide freelance marketing and design services to clients everywhere including North Carolina, Austin, Las Vegas, and Ghana, Africa. She has remained hungry and agile within the constantly evolving marketing industry and has since dedicated herself to digital marketing in any form. Her marketing toolbox is constantly expanding and currently includes SEO, SEM & PPC Ads, Social (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, CRM, Google Analytics and AdWords, Project and Event Management, Account Management, Content Creation, Copywriting, Web and Graphic Design, Photo Editing, and Blogging. She is passionate about supporting and empowering those around her in a healthy, sustainable, and heartfelt way. Her and her husky, Lola, will see you on the trail!


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